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The Mossed Juicery Purpose

Farmers Markets San Rafael

Mossed Juicery is centered around the belief that anyone can change. The idea stems from the founder and Ceo, Darren Oyobio's fight with health issues and food addiction, as well as his purpose of spreading awareness and providing transitional foods to Americans due to the 2022 loss of his two year younger brother to Acute Diabetic Shock. The tragic experience has birthed his purpose and needs to help the most impacted Americans and others who can relate to sickness or loss. 


The overwhelming desire for unhealthy food has become a generational dependence. Overeating creates a vicious cycle of stormy conditions and outcomes, like obesity, terminal illness, depression, and anxiety. Some form of outlet, community, team effort, mentors, trainers, nutritionists, and relatable people can help and provide a different option for most Americans to admire. 


We at Mossed Juicery do our part to bring juice options and alternative food items for the majority to enjoy while making an affordable choice to source whole food products made available to the transitional and or experienced food-conscious explorer.

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Mossed Juicery Coldpressed Juices
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